Standard shipping to most countries are arriving within the given timeframes from shipment. Some packages may experience delays if held in customs. 



When will my order be shipped out?

Orders will take 1-10 business days to be shipped out. Handmade pieces will be shipped out 1-5 weeks after placement. 


Do you offer fast shipping even during COVID-19?

Yes. Please select Express Shipping at checkout. Orders are arriving 3-10 business days from shipment with this line. 

If you need an item for an upcoming event, we highly recommend you to select Express Shipping. 


I have already purchased my order. How can I receive Express Shipping?

If you have already made a purchase but would like to upgrade to Express Shipping, please email us help@shoppellucid with your order number and your request.


Which countries do you ship to?

We usually ship worldwide. However, with COVID-19 many countries have been suspending shipments. These countries include: Moldova, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Reunion, and India.


When will my order arrive?

View our delivery timeframes here. There may be a 1-4 week delay from the timeframes listed. 


Is there any delivery guarantees?

Yes. If 60 days have gone by with no updates from the provided tracking, please email us with your order number. We will fully refund your purchase. This is not applicable to incorrect addresses/changed addresses.